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    Hello everyone. Looks like I'm posting in a forum after a year or so. Anyways Let's cut to the chase, who am I? I am Z3 I'm from Estonia. I've been around The Lion or he was also known as Songbird (I think) Since 2015/2016 Being in the Black Mesa RP-ing servers all the time on gmod And being in the Frozen-Frontier's Black Mesa RP Community as well During the summer of 2018. I've met a lot of fantastic people over the years and happy to meet them once again. So If you want to say Hi, say Hi. Want to add me then well here you have some stuff Discord - Z3#2959 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004520862/' Anyways, Cya.
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    When you have to act natural and serious in front of your boss but you are losing it because of something he said:
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