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    Below are the server rules. Between brackets is the information for staff. That is the maximum punishment they may hand out for any rule infraction. If a rule has been broken 2 times in less than a week, they may exceed the maximum, and notify an Administrator for further action. A warning counts as the lowest possible punishment. All warnings must be issued by /warn. Bans are measured in days. 1 day is 24 hours, 2 days is 48 hours, etc. 1 week is 7 days. Any rule broken more than twice in the timespan of 7 days, may be punished by a ban of up to 4 weeks maximum, regardless of other guidelines on the rule that is broken. Special provisions: LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment provision: Any player who leaves to avoid punishment is to be permanently banned. If the player has not responded in a while, he/she might be crashing. If that happens, give 5 minutes before applying the LTAP provision. LTAR - Leaving to Avoid Roleplay provision: Any member who leaves to avoid roleplay that is generally unfavorable for their character may receive at maximum a character permakill, or server ban up to 2 weeks. Not both! IS - Insulting Staff provision: We are no daisies that will croak over at the most minor of insults, but if it's an excessive trend within a single player, he/she may be banned for up to 4 weeks depending on the severity and the insight of the acting staff member. Staff have permission to take action against you for behavior not listed in this rule document, so long as it can be justified. [Ban up to 3 days] If you are not sure if something violates the rules of the community or the server, please approach a member of staff to ask for clarification. Metagaming (The act of taking OOC information to your IC character, and acting on it.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of metagaming would be: [OOC] John Doe: Shit, I dropped my gun in Lab A, and then going there to pick up said gun. Fail Roleplaying (FailRP: is the act of generally roleplaying out of bounds of the lore or taking things unserious.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of FailRP would be to run away from a Security Officer asking you a question. Another example of FailRP would be to randomly assault a player without reason. Metabuddying (The act of grouping up with a friend to gain an in-game advantage) is prohibited. [Warning] This server uses Play-To-Lose (The act of roleplaying the limits of your character), and not roll. A situation may be granted the benefit of /roll by an admin+, unless it is within a Gamemaster-ran event. Then it may be overridden by a GM. An example of Play-To-Lose is being unable to fight back a Security Officer without weapons. Spamming OOC, LOOC or IC is prohibited, and we have measures in place that will automatically take effect. [Ban up to 1 day] Each character has ONE life. A character death may be appealed if the situation was roleplayed incorrectly and proof can be provided. A character death may be instantly reversed by an admin+ if the death was due to a glitch or bug. Falling to your death does not constitute a bug or glitch. Weigh your options carefully. Character permadeath is exempt for the Class-D Faction. Roleplay Quality within Bitter Avalanche is of high standing. [Kick] You may be confronted if your roleplay is sub-par. As a note, it's best to take note of interpunction and capital letters, as well as the general quality of your /me's. Bitter Avalanche is an English community! [Kick] We do not support other languages. Displaying a poor skill in English to the point where it corrupts Roleplay Quality (See: Rule 9 ) may result in removal from the server. If you are making an effort to speak proper English, but require Google Translate for some words, let people know in LOOC, so they know you'll need a little more time than usual. Abusing in-game systems, bugs or glitches to gain an in-game advantage (i.e: Item duplication, or an unintended side effect of a system) is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 4 weeks] Reporting the bug will have the buggy item or system temporarily removed until a fix can be implemented. A bug may be demonstrated in front of a staff member to clarify what the bug exactly is, but may only be done so after approval has been given. ERP (Erotic Roleplay, or also known as Cyber) is the act of describing explicit sexual acts and constitutes a permanent ban without appeal. [Permanent ban] RRP (Relationship Roleplay) is permitted, so long as above point is not broken. Fear RP (The act of fearing those more powerful than you in a hostile setting) should be maintained at all times. [Ban up to 2 days] Good examples are: You'd fear someone pointing a gun at you. You'd be less afraid if there were more of you on less people, depending on the gear the opposing player wears. In general: If something is better than what you have, or someone is more powerful than you and you are confronted with them, you should Fear RP appropriately. Exceptions are: This rule can only be granted an exception by an admin+. Abusing of map-related bugs or glitches to gain access to otherwise inaccessible locations (i.e: out of map) or locations you do not have clearance to, will be met with permanent character ban. Staff are not here to pander to your mission to find glitches. [Character ban & Kick] They may be demonstrated for staff so it can be patched by the mapper, but staff must be notifed first. LTARP, the act of Leaving to Avoid Roleplay is strictly prohibited. If you are in a situation, you must finish the situation before you are permitted to leave. This may be excused by a Gamemaster or higher. Use /help if you absolutely need to leave. Disruption of events, either hosted by admins or players, is strictly forbidden. [Kick] An example of disruption is blowing up machinery, running around, distracting people or in any way, shape or form derail the event from its intended purpose for no apparent reason. You may disrupt an event if you have an in-game reason for it, but before doing so, clear it with a staff member first, since the reasoning has to be good and solid. You also need to be aware that if you disrupt events, you run the risk of getting fired, and losing any and all rankups that you have that will not be reimbursed. Events that serve no roleplay use or are simply meant for comical relief must at all times be approved by an Administrator+. [Warning/Demotion/Dismissal of staff member.] Players are prohibited from hosting these events or instigating them naturally unless asked to do so by a member of staff. [Ban up to 3 days.] Intentionally destroying the map, such as breaking windows, or doing so for no good reason is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day.] Maintain a believable character. [Ban up to 1 day/Character ban/Faction blacklist.] A believable character is one that is credible in what he, or she does. Nobody will take your character serious if you have two PTSD episodes in 48 hours short. Keep this in mind. Powergaming is the act of forcing your actions upon another character without granting them the opportunity to respond properly to your action(s). This is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 3 days.] Bitter Avalanche categorizes roleplay in two categories. Action and Passive Roleplay. Action Roleplay is roleplay that involves action through environmental or personal danger. Action roleplay includes, but isn't limited to: fights, gun fights, physical altercations etc. Roleplay under this category is strictly in turns, and may not be overridden by staff. Passive Roleplay may be performed at will in any consecutive order. However, if a player wishes to join your Passive roleplay, you should of course allow them the opportunity to do so. SCP Specific Rules: SCP's may not be randomly released by regular characters. Specific exemptions can be made for GoI's, or on a per-character basis. Player SCP's may not act on random acts of release to cause havoc in the map. If you suspect something might not be entirely up to spec, contact administration for clarification. SCP-914's upgrade/downgrade mechanic is handled through moderation, not mechanics. A Moderator + Gamemaster will decide on off-test use. Any use of SCP-914 must contain a valid IC reason. A valid IC reason is an approved test, or extreme circumstances. An invalid reason would be to simply want more access. All player SCP's are expected to roleplay still, through the use of /me. It is the player's responsibility to know what their character can/should do. SCP-939 instances may speak, but it must only be complete sentences that a character has spoken before, that the player was in hearing range of (regular talk or yell range). Sentences heard may be copied by the player into the /mynotes section. Good practice for SCP-939 instances are /me ? [Name]: [Sentence]. The question mark will omit your name from the /me. SCP-106, upon hearing the femur breaker, will be teleported back inside his cell by admin commands, and shouldn't attempt another escape right away. If SCP-106 is no longer in the site by the time the femur breaker is activated, he is considered to have escaped, and this will not effect him.
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