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    Hey, at least you didn't leave me in the void lol
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    Director of Science Elizabeth Carter Head of Physics / Head of Biology Elizabeth Hall Leonard Longstreet Lab Supervisors Senior Scientists Jason Monroe Scientists Killian Kormehl Junior Scientists Aida Elmitwalli Senior Associate Jason McAllen John Mark Anna Markson Matthew Jefferson Junior Associate Theodore Stevens Steven Rogers Xenofor Howzen Undergraduate Undergraduates are not listed. Were you promoted? Drop a comment on this roster with simply your name, and the rank you are at currently in-game.
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    Greetings everyone, So as some of you know, primarily the old time veterans of Bitter Avalanche, having stuck with us through several iterations, there was little hope of a revival of Black Mesa Roleplay ever again. I'd like to reflect on the past few weeks, and explain the decision to relaunch BMRP. So what happened? The whole decision process was made pretty swiftly. Staff was gathered, new people were hired and before you knew it, I had my team complete. The only salient difference being: We now had a mapper. Now, many other members had found homes in other communities, staff members too. Some of them chose to stay with us, the others chose to stay at their new community of choice. A decision I respect. It's why I also - in this thread - would like to thank Zorxas, our former Head Administrator, for four years of service as staff to this community and its players. He will be missed, and there will always be a place for him back in our staff team, standing offer. So, why does a mapper have that much influence over whether a gamemode remains dead or not? It doesn't, at least, not really. I'll admit I needed a push over the edge, something to tell myself that this time could truly be different than times before. Avanate gave me that push by offering himself as mapper. What initially simply just started as some updates to make BMRP CW-0.99-Beta compatible, with all the newest and most recent functions - side benefit also being cutting down on code running - became something larger. I at first engaged Avanate for fun. Who wouldn't want to make and design a map, but without any HAMMER knowledge whatsoever. I think there's more people out there than you think on that front. Alas, map work started, and I can't remember having so much fun designing something again. Whole new area's, rooms, looking at the map critically and finding what needs to be changed were one of the most taxing - completely rewarding - weeks of my life, where I pulled 12+ hour days with both SharpOB and Avanate together. Code was overhauled, transferred and simplified and the map had countless of its bugs fixed. This was a major milestone. For as long as I could remember, we were stuck on the same area for eternity, with no proper maps in existence currently that serve roleplay purposes (besides sector N or rp_sectore, which ain't that good) outside of Sector C. Right now, we're in the home stretch of development, the map is almost close to being finished, the code is completely updated for as far as I can do so, and I'm in contact with a developer about extra plugins and development that we can't handle internally. We now also have a permanent mapper and coder on staff, Avanate and SharpOB respectively. Again, I cannot overstate what a breath of fresh air that truly is, for someone who's been stuck as sole developer for over 4 years. I think that's all there is to say, but I felt like I wanted to make the Community part of how my vision on this all is. Because a Community might be made by staff, it's maintained and kept alive by players, and we have a responsibility to them all to put up the best possible version of a schema that has long since surpassed its 4-year anniversary. We'll see you all in a few weeks on server opening, hopefully, and you have our thanks! 🙂
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    It's a me, Eddy, the midly manicly depressive Latvian with a pulse! I've been around BA and Lion's creations for a solid few years, sadly had to skip out on the SS13, but I do remember the HL2RP servers and the BMRP servers that he's hosted. They were a great introduction to Gmod RP for me, so here I am again.
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    Below are the server rules. Between brackets is the information for staff. That is the maximum punishment they may hand out for any rule infraction. If a rule has been broken 2 times in less than a week, they may exceed the maximum, and notify an Administrator for further action. A warning counts as the lowest possible punishment. All warnings must be issued by /warn. Bans are measured in days. 1 day is 24 hours, 2 days is 48 hours, etc. 1 week is 7 days. Any rule broken more than twice in the timespan of 7 days, may be punished by a ban of up to 4 weeks maximum, regardless of other guidelines on the rule that is broken. Special provisions: LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment provision: Any player who leaves to avoid punishment is to be permanently banned. If the player has not responded in a while, he/she might be crashing. If that happens, give 5 minutes before applying the LTAP provision. LTAR - Leaving to Avoid Roleplay provision: Any member who leaves to avoid roleplay that is generally unfavorable for their character may receive at maximum a character permakill, or server ban up to 2 weeks. Not both! IS - Insulting Staff provision: We are no daisies that will croak over at the most minor of insults, but if it's an excessive trend within a single player, he/she may be banned for up to 4 weeks depending on the severity and the insight of the acting staff member. Staff have permission to take action against you for behavior not listed in this rule document, so long as it can be justified. [Ban up to 3 days] If you are not sure if something violates the rules of the community or the server, please approach a member of staff to ask for clarification. Metagaming (The act of taking OOC information to your IC character, and acting on it.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of metagaming would be: [OOC] John Doe: Shit, I dropped my gun in Lab A, and then going there to pick up said gun. Fail Roleplaying (FailRP: is the act of generally roleplaying out of bounds of the lore or taking things unserious.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of FailRP would be to run away from a Security Officer asking you a question. Another example of FailRP would be to randomly assault a player without reason. Metabuddying (The act of grouping up with a friend to gain an in-game advantage) is prohibited. [Warning] This server uses Play-To-Lose (The act of roleplaying the limits of your character), and not roll. A situation may be granted the benefit of /roll by an admin+, unless it is within a Gamemaster-ran event. Then it may be overridden by a GM. An example of Play-To-Lose is being unable to fight back a Security Officer without weapons. Spamming OOC, LOOC or IC is prohibited, and we have measures in place that will automatically take effect. [Ban up to 1 day] Each character has ONE life. A character death may be appealed if the situation was roleplayed incorrectly and proof can be provided. A character death may be instantly reversed by an admin+ if the death was due to a glitch or bug. Falling to your death does not constitute a bug or glitch. Weigh your options carefully. Character permadeath is exempt for the Class-D Faction. Roleplay Quality within Bitter Avalanche is of high standing. [Kick] You may be confronted if your roleplay is sub-par. As a note, it's best to take note of interpunction and capital letters, as well as the general quality of your /me's. Bitter Avalanche is an English community! [Kick] We do not support other languages. Displaying a poor skill in English to the point where it corrupts Roleplay Quality (See: Rule 9 ) may result in removal from the server. If you are making an effort to speak proper English, but require Google Translate for some words, let people know in LOOC, so they know you'll need a little more time than usual. Abusing in-game systems, bugs or glitches to gain an in-game advantage (i.e: Item duplication, or an unintended side effect of a system) is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 4 weeks] Reporting the bug will have the buggy item or system temporarily removed until a fix can be implemented. A bug may be demonstrated in front of a staff member to clarify what the bug exactly is, but may only be done so after approval has been given. ERP (Erotic Roleplay, or also known as Cyber) is the act of describing explicit sexual acts and constitutes a permanent ban without appeal. [Permanent ban] RRP (Relationship Roleplay) is permitted, so long as above point is not broken. Fear RP (The act of fearing those more powerful than you in a hostile setting) should be maintained at all times. [Ban up to 2 days] Good examples are: You'd fear someone pointing a gun at you. You'd be less afraid if there were more of you on less people, depending on the gear the opposing player wears. In general: If something is better than what you have, or someone is more powerful than you and you are confronted with them, you should Fear RP appropriately. Exceptions are: This rule can only be granted an exception by an admin+. Abusing of map-related bugs or glitches to gain access to otherwise inaccessible locations (i.e: out of map) or locations you do not have clearance to, will be met with permanent character ban. Staff are not here to pander to your mission to find glitches. [Character ban & Kick] They may be demonstrated for staff so it can be patched by the mapper, but staff must be notifed first. LTARP, the act of Leaving to Avoid Roleplay is strictly prohibited. If you are in a situation, you must finish the situation before you are permitted to leave. This may be excused by a Gamemaster or higher. Use /help if you absolutely need to leave. Disruption of events, either hosted by admins or players, is strictly forbidden. [Kick] An example of disruption is blowing up machinery, running around, distracting people or in any way, shape or form derail the event from its intended purpose for no apparent reason. You may disrupt an event if you have an in-game reason for it, but before doing so, clear it with a staff member first, since the reasoning has to be good and solid. You also need to be aware that if you disrupt events, you run the risk of getting fired, and losing any and all rankups that you have that will not be reimbursed. Events that serve no roleplay use or are simply meant for comical relief must at all times be approved by an Administrator+. [Warning/Demotion/Dismissal of staff member.] Players are prohibited from hosting these events or instigating them naturally unless asked to do so by a member of staff. [Ban up to 3 days.] Intentionally destroying the map, such as breaking windows, or doing so for no good reason is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day.] Maintain a believable character. [Ban up to 1 day/Character ban/Faction blacklist.] A believable character is one that is credible in what he, or she does. Nobody will take your character serious if you have two PTSD episodes in 48 hours short. Keep this in mind. Powergaming is the act of forcing your actions upon another character without granting them the opportunity to respond properly to your action(s). This is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 3 days.] Bitter Avalanche categorizes roleplay in two categories. Action and Passive Roleplay. Action Roleplay is roleplay that involves action through environmental or personal danger. Action roleplay includes, but isn't limited to: fights, gun fights, physical altercations etc. Roleplay under this category is strictly in turns, and may not be overridden by staff. Passive Roleplay may be performed at will in any consecutive order. However, if a player wishes to join your Passive roleplay, you should of course allow them the opportunity to do so. SCP Specific Rules: SCP's may not be randomly released by regular characters. Specific exemptions can be made for GoI's, or on a per-character basis. Player SCP's may not act on random acts of release to cause havoc in the map. If you suspect something might not be entirely up to spec, contact administration for clarification. SCP-914's upgrade/downgrade mechanic is handled through moderation, not mechanics. A Moderator + Gamemaster will decide on off-test use. Any use of SCP-914 must contain a valid IC reason. A valid IC reason is an approved test, or extreme circumstances. An invalid reason would be to simply want more access. All player SCP's are expected to roleplay still, through the use of /me. It is the player's responsibility to know what their character can/should do. SCP-939 instances may speak, but it must only be complete sentences that a character has spoken before, that the player was in hearing range of (regular talk or yell range). Sentences heard may be copied by the player into the /mynotes section. Good practice for SCP-939 instances are /me ? [Name]: [Sentence]. The question mark will omit your name from the /me. SCP-106, upon hearing the femur breaker, will be teleported back inside his cell by admin commands, and shouldn't attempt another escape right away. If SCP-106 is no longer in the site by the time the femur breaker is activated, he is considered to have escaped, and this will not effect him.
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    Hello everyone, I figured that after the most recent AMS event, we'd do some reflecting. I'll be structuring this post into the primary segments I'd like to raise today. AMS I've done some evaluating on my own after the most recent AMS test. While the AMS has always been a particularly tricky machine in terms of what goes on behind the scenes, adding the coolant laboratories and the associated system in conjunction with already existing systems did not make it any more stable than it used to be, which was already rather temperamental and unstable. That is why I'm currently exploring multiple options, ranging from removing the timing mechanics on the coils, and making it more of a roleplay spot than mechanical, or overhauling the current system including the associated coolant laboratories. Lastly, what I heard is that the button layout as it stands is extremely finnicky and easy to misclick, causing the AMS to shut down (primarily @Aptare had this issue, but it's informative nonetheless). Rest assured, work is being performed on this part, and I hope to be able to say more about this in the coming days or weeks. This may seem like a long time to wait for a map update regarding a system that is considered integral, we must also realize that the AMS events are sporadic and rare. Metagaming The AMS event of last night allowed us some critical insight into how players behave during lore-important events, or even just events in general or directly afterwards. One of the critical issues coming forward is metagaming, including but not limited to the asking of IC questions in OOC chat. While we're pretty lenient, a particular amount of OOC chatter was used yesterday to disrupt a promotion discussion meeting IC'ly twice. Not only does this disturb the flow of roleplay, it's also evident that some people want to belong in places they do not belong at current. With this in mind, I've instructed all staff to be much more strict on this. Singular events will be addressed in PM's or in OOC. Recurring behavior will be punished according to the ruleset. At current, recurring metagaming behavior can be punished for up to a 24 hour ban. Excessive behavior like this may eventually result in a permanent ban, so I urge all members and players to exercise caution, as we act indiscriminately, as player standing or reputation has nothing to do with breaking rules. Lastly, should no staff catch an act of metagaming, we encourage our members to notify players themselves, or file a player report so the staff can retroactively deal with it. Feedback Lastly, we'd like to hear from you, our players. Feedback is immensely important during this stage, as we have just started and can still correct the course should it be incorrect on certain points. What are we doing right, but also what can we do better, still? We invite every member to fill out the short form below to take stock of your thoughts on Black Mesa Roleplay. Based on the results of these issues, we may be hosting a community meeting to discuss any issues we feel should be solved with the players, not for the players. Everyone can be part of the solution. Here is the form: https://forms.gle/YYsyJxVSjbqLXBvi8
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    Beyond the Reach. "The expected consequences of reaching beyond us, The machines. Before us, you are nothing. The end is inevitable. The disappearance not to be avoided. We exist."
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    Summer 1970. " I must say with regret, The people of Tchad are relentless. They're starting to employ unethical methods to launch offensive attacks on our different outposts. There we are, the operation "Limousin" is officially named this way. Why? Hell if I know. This is me, in the center holding my MAS like a dumbass, my friend, André, on my left and this other dude we've barely started to get to know, Mika. Seems like a nice guy, smokes a lot of marijuana, though. Anyways, after this, I can guarentee you that I'm returning to engineering studies, the army is nice, though, I haven't fired a single shot yet, we patrol little villages with the kids swarming us to say hello. We have to be cautious, though. You know what's good out of all this, too? At least they made me pass my driver's liscence! Finally. The army makes something of use for their soldier's future civilian re-intergration life. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this picture, it was a pain in the ass to set up with all this sand. -Josh. "
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    Hello, for the most I'm known as The_GuardianTM, Just call me Guardian, on server I'm known as Amber Campbell or either Xenofor Howzen, universally, some friends have a tendency to call me Howzen as they know me with this RP Name. Anyways, I roleplay since 2015, I was really inspired by the old Gmod videos from the youtube back then and in 2015 I managed to get myself Gmod, the first RP I started with was BM:RP on Dark RP, at the time I barely knew English or how does one plays this. As a first character, I started as Astronal Howzen, then around 2016 I decided to change the name into Xenofor Howzen, as Astronal was something I didn't liked in name... The whole name makes no sense nor exists in real life as it was made up by me back then from random words. In 2016 I ended up in a Private Military Corporation RP Server with other friends, so this been going for a while until 2017 when in shuts down. I also have a history of playing on City RP Dark RP and other BM:RP servers between the years... Q: How old are you? A: 18 as I'm typing this. Q: What country do you live in? A: Romania (It's shiiiit) It's all I can think of for a introduction. So Thanks, and have fun - NotGabeNewell
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    Roleplaying as a Scientist This OOC guide is meant to give players with a Scientist character a general idea of how they should play with them. So, you have decided to try out the Science ranks. You’re probably eager to start doing projects, or maybe even operate the AMS, but let’s go step by step here! Get a general idea of your character’s behavior: while you’ve probably already made a physical description by this point, personality is also an important part of the process. Are they more of an extrovert or an introvert? What do they like and dislike? Do they have any noticeable quirks? While this isn’t strictly necessary, it can help pave the way for more enjoyable roleplay later. On this subject, if you intend to make a mentally ill character, try to keep it to a degree where they could still work in a highly demanding environment such as Black Mesa. Get to know your colleagues: you can do this by simply looking for other scientists who seem available to chat, the cafeteria being a good starting point. Ask about their careers, how’s their day been, etc. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t also talk with Security, Maintenance, and so forth. Solo roleplay: however, it’s possible that no other Scientists are online instead. While the recommended course of action is to tell people via Discord that you’ve joined and invite them to do the same, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by yourself. For example, you can still interact with the other factions as previously mentioned, start a small experiment (maybe even one that requires Maintenance, so you generate roleplay for more people), etc. Participate in projects: projects are the bread and butter of a Scientist. It is recommended to start by participating in someone else’s, to see how they usually work. Doing so is as simple as looking for an open project, either in these very forums or IC by asking around or looking at the announcement board. If further down the road you wish to start your own project, give a read to the appropriate guide. Workplace behaviour: so, you’ve joined a project. What are you supposed to do? While the exact workings depend on the project itself, the general procedure is to follow whatever your superiors within it tell you to do. This will consist of doing tests, experimenting, getting supplies, among other things. The most important thing to note is that writing down in a notepad what you’ve been doing is very important. It serves as a record that you’re making yourself useful, and is required for the project as a whole to be supported by the administration. Keep a record of what you’ve performed, what time you performed it, what did you need for it, etcetera.Additionally, it’s important to know that hierarchy is different within the project, in a manner that project leadership supersedes any rank (excluding the top, as in Head of Biology/Physics and Director of Science). In other words, if the project leader is a Junior Associate and a Senior Associate joins, the Junior can order the Senior around, but only within the scope of that particular project. Participate in AMS tests: every so often an AMS test will be scheduled, which needs many scientists such as yourself operating the appropriate machinery. Not only is it a good opportunity for RP, but it’ll also help toward getting promoted. Behave in a realistic manner: sooner or later, your character will find himself in some sort of event. These events may or may not involve action, but they usually do, in the form of a fire, a hostile incursion, an AMS failure, etc. In these, FearRP is the leading factor: your character doesn’t want to die, and roleplay should reflect that. In other words, things like trying to wrestle guns away from trained forces are a big no-no, and in fact the punishment is usually your character getting permanently killed. Choose a discipline: if you follow this guide, you should see a promotion in little to no time, unlocking new security clearances and possibilities for your character. The first one of them will be from Undergraduate to Junior Associate, and it’s special in that it carries a choice: you’ll have to pick a discipline to develop in from that point on, either Physics or Biology. Don’t worry too much about it however, as projects from one discipline usually require one or two scientists from the opposite one. If you’re curious about the full hierarchy, see this guide. And that’s all! By following these simple steps you should be up and running toward a successful Science career in no time. If you have any questions, suggestions and the like feel free to leave a comment!
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    Hello everyone. Looks like I'm posting in a forum after a year or so. Anyways Let's cut to the chase, who am I? I am Z3 I'm from Estonia. I've been around The Lion or he was also known as Songbird (I think) Since 2015/2016 Being in the Black Mesa RP-ing servers all the time on gmod And being in the Frozen-Frontier's Black Mesa RP Community as well During the summer of 2018. I've met a lot of fantastic people over the years and happy to meet them once again. So If you want to say Hi, say Hi. Want to add me then well here you have some stuff Discord - Z3#2959 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004520862/' Anyways, Cya.
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    Due to complaints about the size of the addon pack and the amount of materials/models involved, we provide the following guide for the ease of every user. It is pertinent to follow this if you do not want to spend more time waiting than necessary. Method 1 is for Black Mesa (NOT Source) owners, Method 2 is for non-owners. Make sure you pick the appropriate method to make your life a lot easier! Method 1: Black Mesa Commcercial Version Owners This method is untested right now. I'd like confirmation from someone who can try this out. For owners of the Black Mesa Commercial Version (post-source brand), there is a very easy way to mount Black Mesa in Garry's Mod. Follow this guide if you own Black Mesa (Again, not the source version, but the store version). First things first, please ensure Black Mesa installed. If it is not, install it. Right click Black Mesa, click Properties, then click Local Files and click Browse Local Files. Find out the exact path of Black Mesa. This should include /bms. For me it's: F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms Normalized installs would be under C:\ directory. Once you have the path, browse to your Garry's Mod directory and proceed to the 'cfg' folder, and open mount.cfg. Input this: "bms" "YourDirectory" just below "tf" or however your mount.cfg might be structured. Mine looks as follows: // // Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem // DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename // "mountcfg" { // "cstrike" "C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike" // "tf" "C:\mytf2server\tf" "bms" "F:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms" } Hit save (or ctrl+s) and play Garry's Mod. Make sure it mounted by clicking the gamepad icon. You're done, you have Black Mesa content mounted. Follow instructions as given on the workshop page here, hit subscribe all, and wait for the remaining content to download. Be sure to read the instructions at the top of the page, or else you'll just download everything double! While not harmful, it's what we were trying to prevent, right? Method 2: Non-Black Mesa Owners. If you do not own Black Mesa, your only option is to subscribe to the full content. Depending on your internet connection, it will take between 10 to 40 minutes. You can find our content here, and simply hit subscribe all and load up Garry's Mod to allow it to download, also make sure you click on the linked content pack in the bottom part of the page, and subscribe to that too.. Caution! The content pack is ~17 gigabytes big once unpacked. Make sure you have enough space beforehand! Support: Need help with finding out what method is the best for you, or simply have questions about the content or ran into issues? Join our Discord to get support and assistance.
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    I've managed to fix massive issues with the Hammer Client and proud to announce that development on the upcoming map has been resumed.
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    Gear made these, and they already are now.
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    Would be nice if some of those pictures in the first post make it to the loading screen. I find them very good and they deserve it to be used if the owner is okay with that obviously.
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    I've seen some of these before, but i've never knew who made them, until now. Fan-Fucking-Tastic Job.
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    Hammer 4.6 is being steadily stabilized, more info coming soon.
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    im aptare. ive been here for like a BMRP iteration and a HL2RP iteration, as well as that little time where Lion hosted and developed a SS13 server called SCP13, so ive been here for the middle ground between a short period of time and a long period of time. since BIG CAT decided to make his introductions a form of an AMA, i guess ill make mine one too; please ask away, i cant wait to sit agonizing over a reply to a question that makes me question the validity of all of my life choices.
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    Hello everyone. I am misterlol29 and if you know me then we have probably met before in one of the old BMRP servers. Maybe if you are lucky we met all the way back at Aerolite. If so than you had a chance of experiencing the good old days where BMRP had a thriving population and lots of fun. What I want to say with this is that I have been with the Black mesa RP section for a long long time and that I hopefully will stay with it for a long long time. But only time can tell so for now I hope we can all enjoy the present and this community that is trying its very best to keep the BMRP alive!
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    Took me long enough to get this forum finally up and running. Glad that it is, despite needing changes tomorrow, likely. 😑
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    Howdy doo. Old as fuck Director for Bitter Avalanche (24 at current, I was 19 at the time this whole shabang started), gamer extraordinaire and company president of Blackwater Interactive, a game development studio. I'm currently employed as senior executive board member in the psychiatric healthcare sector, but will be making a switch soon enough. My love life, as creepy as it is, might be one of your questions. My answer is: What love life? Hobbies include learning to create new content (i.e: HAMMER), working (Yep, don't ask), bowling and going out with friends to have a beer, a laugh and a stumble back home. Though more often than not I'm spending my time behind my PC with a glass of fine wine, frustrating myself over the fact HAMMER is a piece of shit and that instead of bowling I'm continuing the cycle of being frustrated. Any questions? Feel free to drop them below.
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    Here's some hecking old BMRP related Garry's Mod posing scenes I've made. Might make some more in the future, but in the meantime I urge everyone to post their own, or just any cool Half-Life art they might have around. Beep boop.
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    you will never have the opportunity to PK him because he is simply unkillable. death is scared of him, and he signed a contract with satan giving him 130 years to live before being contracted as the caretaker of hell
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    // Oops. Nevermind me. Being dumb in the mornings is my trademark.
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    We got lots of egg heads in one day.
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    Officer Brooks attempting to eat a pizza in canteen - 1975 Colored #GoneWrong #ParamedicsCalled #23:30PM
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    You know it I had some trouble in remembering the skins from the guards I met.
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    When you tell a cadet to act serious and he gives you this face you already know it is gonna end badly for everyone.
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    When you have to act natural and serious in front of your boss but you are losing it because of something he said:
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    Full Name: Thomas ‘Tommy’ Warren Date of Birth: 06/14/41 (34) Sex: M Physical Description: Tommy measures around 5’11’’. His black hair always seems tidy, on the short side and stylishly parted to the left -- no hair out of place. His paling face adorns a pair of brown, perhaps hazel, eyes, an aquiline nose, though not as traditionally crooked, and averagely sized lips, maybe a bit chapped. There are no apparent blemishes, but the shadow of a new beard leaves its obvious trace along his square features and strong jawline. Tommy’s well-kept appearance extends to his clothing as he sports the standard uniform of all scientists. What is seen of his blue button-up looks crisp as it holds an unassuming red tie that flows down the center of his chest into his buttoned white lab coat which is, of course, pristine. His laminated badge is attached firmly to the pocket of his khakis held by an ordinary black buckle which extend neatly down to a pair of black dress shoes, only slightly scuffed at the sides, but with a perpetual shine nonetheless. As far as jewelry goes, Tommy wears only a modest looking silver watch with a leather brown buckle on his left wrist. Notable Features: N/A Current Employment: Black Mesa Research Facility, Sector C - Test Labs & Control Facilities Clearance Level: [Undergoing Review] Bio: Born in Detroit, Michigan, Thomas Warren and his family did well enough in the burgeoning city of its time. With unremarkable wealth to his name, Tommy received a rather painfully average education from his time in grade school and middle school where he excelled in many subjects, developing a particular acumen in the sciences. In 1954, however, Tommy’s parents were laid off, creating a temporary shortage of money as the family moved east to the nation’s capital with his uncle and aunt who lived in a small suburb just north of D.C. As his parents overcame financial hardship through their new jobs, Tommy was lucky to be pushed hard to get through his schooling rather than drop out and help out, as much as he would’ve liked to. Nevertheless, he finished high school with top marks and was accepted to a university just north, up in New York City -- Columbia. Working through his degree in physics and applied mathematics, Tommy developed a special interest in computers by spending an extensive amount of time at Columbia’s famous IBM Watson Lab which was known for its cutting edge technology in computers throughout the country, perhaps the world. Fascinated by this up-and-coming field of study, he pursued his master’s in computing science at Columbia where he continued to work actively with fellow colleagues and mentors as they delved through the wonders of software and hardware, wires and chips, logic gates and binary math. Finishing strong in early 1967 with his head full of knowledge, nerves cooled with confidence, and hand clutching degree, Tommy went back to Washington to his recovered family where he briefly worked for a government security agency. After only a few months of unfulfilling ("frankly boring" in his honest opinion) work, a former professor, a close friend in reality, asked him to focus his efforts in the bustling private sector instead. He referred Tommy to Black Mesa in the middle of 1968 and before long, his efforts of acquiring a job were successful, landing a spot in the physics department in the more secured Sector F deep in the vast compound. Tommy’s experience was eye-opening as he dealt with top tier technology, the newest research, and the most cunning theory among the senior employees there. However, he had no true knowledge of anything immensely classified. He became esteemed among staff, and truly grateful for his time there with what he had learned, developed, and engineered. After about 6 years, in 1974, he was offered a position in a new high security area -- Sector C -- as he was seen fit by his higher-up colleagues to start meaningful work in the field of physics and computation there with brand new staff (and new brains to pick!). Currently, Tommy finds Black Mesa a place where respectable research and quality engineering is done, and he expects his colleagues to hold the same high standards to go along, especially now in his new workplace. Most of all though, he is just plain excited to get started!
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    Full Name: Finley Daniel Harper Date of Birth: [REDACTED] Place of Birth: Egg Harbor Township, NJ Place of Residence: [REDACTED] Sex: Male Physical Description: Around 5'11, caucasian, stoutly built man and broad at the shoulders. Untidy brown hair, bright green eyes. Rounded, friendly facial features contrasted by a slightly twisted nose, as if it has been broken once or twice. Notable Features: Burn scars on his face and arms caused by a workplace accident. Educational Background: Highschool Graduate Notable Skills: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automation Engineering Previous Employment: [REDACTED] Current Employment: Black Mesa Research Facility, Sector C, Maintenance Technician and Engineer Clearance Level: Varies Bio: Harper is a trained mechanical engineer and technician with fourteen years of experience in the field from various jobs, including but not limited to: -Mechanic -Automation Engineer -Electrician Harper also briefly served in the military as a mechanic and general fixer-upper, repairing and maintaining military vehicles, particularly nuclear submarines. He is largerly self taught, having learned some things from his father, who used to run a car workshop in his hometown of Egg Harbor. He received proper training during his service and afterwards studied to receive a Masters Degree, which he failed to acquire due to [REDACTED]. Harper did not let his failure distract him, however, and used the knowledge he had acquired during his studies to pursue work in electrical engineering and automation. Despite his lack of a masters degree, Harper was able to find work in many areas of his chosen field. He never lacked work, as companies were always looking for talented young men to hire, who could replace five other employees alone, thus lowering costs and raising profits. While this upstart employee mostly went unnoticed by his peers, the quality of his work was never missed by his superiors and the young man never had trouble climbing the so called corporate ladder. He was first contacted by a representative of the Black Mesa Research Facility in 1968 after the acquisition of certain [REDACTED] in the Mesa valley. Harper and a number of other engineers and technicians were contracted to assist in the restoration of old facilities and the construction of new ones and he has worked here ever since. With the establishment of 'new' facilities in Sector C, Harper has been transferred to accommodate the undoubtedly skyrocketing workload in that area.
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    After so long I finally found a way to get around the 403 error and it is called: Icognito mode à-à
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