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  1. I didn't leave, I was M.I.A

  2. i ended up recording the whole event yesterday, well, it was worth it.
  3. Name - John Damien Age - 25 (8th of October 1950) Education A High School graduate, Has Basic Combat Training (Boot Camp session) Biography John Damien was born on the 8th of October 1950 to a average family in New Jersey, yet he didn't have the greatest childhood. He'd Spend most of his childhood in Hoboken. In 1954 His mother, Anna Damien would die to a drug overdose. His Father, Preston Damien would physically abuse him. In school, he was bullied a lot. Thankfully his older Brother James Damien was living on his own at the time and John moved in with him. Violence back at home will stick to his head for the rest of his life. his School life wasn't different too, He was beaten, his friends abandoned him. And his father gave up on him, resulting in his suicide as well. Later in his school life Damien was accused of literally everything, from Violence and in worst cases he had rape allegations. As usual, he ignored the bullies, he always kept his head down and avoided every situation possible, as he later found out, the bullies were trying to get John kicked out of the school, and that's when he snapped. He would end up fighting the bully and would end up defeating the bully in hand to hand combat, thanks to him attending Taekwondo sessions. As he graduated from High school in 1968, He decided to enlist in the US Armed Forces and fight on the frontlines of Vietnam. He'd later be wounded by a gunshot wound to his chest which he survived. Once back home, recovering from his wound he would end up moving to Estonia in 1970 in search of a new beginning, and he started to work as a security guard for a local grocery store, working minimum wage, he'd end up living alone in Estonia. As his brother moved out and cut all ties with him, after 4 Years of Work in Estonia, he'd quit his Job and move to Denver in Colorado and after walking to his apartment, seeing that there's a new job opportunity for Black Mesa, Figuring that it'd be a good idea to apply for a position at the security faction. Even though he has suffered in his childhood and in school he still kept his hopes high that it wouldn't end up regretting the job he applied for. After applying he was awaiting a response from Black Mesa. He'd end up working as a security guard in a grocery store at the same time as his application is under review. At least he had a backup plan, he'd start to learn competitive shooting for 3 months. Now he's alone, abandoned. Hopefully he's going to get accepted into Black Mesa. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I can't imagine what horrors await me if I returned to that very home I was beaten in." - 1956 "Being on the front lines in Vietnam is scary as all hell. I'm hoping that I make it home alive." - 1969 "Moved to Estonia, damn it's depressing here. But at least I can make some money peacefully." -1972 "I'm packing my Shit and Moving to Denver, Colorado." -1974 "I applied for a position in the Security Department. Hopefully everything goes well." -1975 "I think I'm gonna close this diary for now. It's been with me '56, At least I gave myself a happy ending" -1975 (3rd of October) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of Diary
  4. @The Lion When will we have our applications checked?

    1. The Lion

      The Lion

      When they're being checked.

  5. Hello everyone. Looks like I'm posting in a forum after a year or so. Anyways Let's cut to the chase, who am I? I am Z3 I'm from Estonia. I've been around The Lion or he was also known as Songbird (I think) Since 2015/2016 Being in the Black Mesa RP-ing servers all the time on gmod And being in the Frozen-Frontier's Black Mesa RP Community as well During the summer of 2018. I've met a lot of fantastic people over the years and happy to meet them once again. So If you want to say Hi, say Hi. Want to add me then well here you have some stuff Discord - Z3#2959 Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004520862/' Anyways, Cya.
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