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  1. Application accepted. Welcome to the team! We'll be using the PTB's to train you in Clockwork's moderation tools.
  2. Clockwork is a framework that support our Foundation gamemode. It is a framework with serious RP in mind, and actively enforces it through several barriers that normally wouldn't be present in looser gamemodes (i.e. DarkRP, etc). Whitelists Several factions may require a whitelist to be able to make a character for them. Whitelists are commonly applied for. Longstanding members may be handpicked to be given this whitelist at times. There is no use asking for whitelists. It serves to do nothing but piss off the staff. Keys and Shortcuts WASD - Moving around. Shift (Hold) - Run/jog. Depletes your stamina bar. If it is empty, you will not be able to run. R (Hold) - Raise weapon if you have one. Fists count as a "weapon" in this case. B - Quick-raise gun. Chat commands // | /ooc - Out of Character chat. Global over the server. .// | /looc - Local Out of Character. Same range as regular chat range. /yell | /y - Yelling. /whisper | /w - Whispering. /radio | /r - Radioing on the channel you are currently on. (If you have one.) These are the most commonly used commands. If you require additional help, our gamemasters are happy to help you out.
  3. Ruleset amended with new SCP-specific rules.
  4. Greetings everyone, It's been a long, long time since our last Dev Log for SCP Foundation. Introduction As many of you may know, development isn't always the smoothest road, and limitations of GMod's archaic systems more often than not cause us to re-evaluate and compromise on some much-needed features. Unfortunately, one of these features is the Terminal system, which had to be simplified by a lot, due to Chromium's outdated nature. Chromium is also no longer updated, which leaves it at a vulnerable and unstable point for development based on that. Though we're still really happy with how this all turned out, despite having to compromise on the final version of it. Though let's move on. Current development perspective As we currently stand, and post-PTB1.0, we find that many of our features may have unintended side effects and bugs. We thank all of our PTB Testers for granting us the crucial insight to deliver a stable, finished product, rather than one riddled with bugs we have to fix after the fact. As we all know, we don't get a second chance at first impressions. The development team is currently working on the medical system still, crafting and various new features, such as vending machines that are modeled after real life. And yes, things inside will cost money! Besides that, we're also looking into various map-related bugs, though we have that figured out by now, we do believe. Plans for the future We are currently working on finishing up the core base of this schema, before moving onto the SCP's that will be held inside Site 65. Each SCP will be coded in for as far as it will allow us. The SCP's will have their intended effects applied. Animate SCP's will be faction related, which means someone can play them for the duration of their stay in Site 65. Other SCP's, inanimate SCP's at that, will be coded items that will have various effects. Currently, we have a list of SCP's we want to place into the game, though that list is, for the time being, kept under wraps. Rest assured however that the Gamemasters are working hard behind the scenes to finalize this list as soon as they can. I've also received some questions on how Class-D's will work, which I can summarize below: Class-D's, the infamous prisoners that are used for testing by the SCP Foundation, remain a point of contention within the staff team. However, as things currently stand, the following is to be considered as finalized: * Class-D's are not held to permadeath. It's a bit of a drag to continuously make characters when the character itself is quite literally set up for death. * We will encourage minimal development placed into disposable characters to avoid people growing too attached to their characters. * The Class-D's will have a hardcap. At current, there can only be three online at any given time. * Class D will remain a whitelisted faction that cannot be applied for. Instead, we will inform players of what they are, and how they should be played in a general direction, leaving player agency at the height of it. This faction currently will be handed out upon request. Except we MUST STRESS that Class D is very boring to play when nothing is going on. If a test is desired and approved, staff will play Class-D's if there is a lack of any. There may also be a role in Discord for Class-D players, so that players may ping them if one is needed. In closing We're hard at work to bring you one of the most in-depth schema's currently known to existence. We will make a healthy mix of gameplay mechanic- and roleplay reliance. We hope to see you for PTB1.1, which you can sign up for in the roles channel in our Discord.
  5. Below are the server rules. Between brackets is the information for staff. That is the maximum punishment they may hand out for any rule infraction. If a rule has been broken 2 times in less than a week, they may exceed the maximum, and notify an Administrator for further action. A warning counts as the lowest possible punishment. All warnings must be issued by /warn. Bans are measured in days. 1 day is 24 hours, 2 days is 48 hours, etc. 1 week is 7 days. Any rule broken more than twice in the timespan of 7 days, may be punished by a ban of up to 4 weeks maximum, regardless of other guidelines on the rule that is broken. Special provisions: LTAP - Leaving to Avoid Punishment provision: Any player who leaves to avoid punishment is to be permanently banned. If the player has not responded in a while, he/she might be crashing. If that happens, give 5 minutes before applying the LTAP provision. LTAR - Leaving to Avoid Roleplay provision: Any member who leaves to avoid roleplay that is generally unfavorable for their character may receive at maximum a character permakill, or server ban up to 2 weeks. Not both! IS - Insulting Staff provision: We are no daisies that will croak over at the most minor of insults, but if it's an excessive trend within a single player, he/she may be banned for up to 4 weeks depending on the severity and the insight of the acting staff member. Staff have permission to take action against you for behavior not listed in this rule document, so long as it can be justified. [Ban up to 3 days] If you are not sure if something violates the rules of the community or the server, please approach a member of staff to ask for clarification. Metagaming (The act of taking OOC information to your IC character, and acting on it.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of metagaming would be: [OOC] John Doe: Shit, I dropped my gun in Lab A, and then going there to pick up said gun. Fail Roleplaying (FailRP: is the act of generally roleplaying out of bounds of the lore or taking things unserious.) is prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day] An example of FailRP would be to run away from a Security Officer asking you a question. Another example of FailRP would be to randomly assault a player without reason. Metabuddying (The act of grouping up with a friend to gain an in-game advantage) is prohibited. [Warning] This server uses Play-To-Lose (The act of roleplaying the limits of your character), and not roll. A situation may be granted the benefit of /roll by an admin+, unless it is within a Gamemaster-ran event. Then it may be overridden by a GM. An example of Play-To-Lose is being unable to fight back a Security Officer without weapons. Spamming OOC, LOOC or IC is prohibited, and we have measures in place that will automatically take effect. [Ban up to 1 day] Each character has ONE life. A character death may be appealed if the situation was roleplayed incorrectly and proof can be provided. A character death may be instantly reversed by an admin+ if the death was due to a glitch or bug. Falling to your death does not constitute a bug or glitch. Weigh your options carefully. Character permadeath is exempt for the Class-D Faction. Roleplay Quality within Bitter Avalanche is of high standing. [Kick] You may be confronted if your roleplay is sub-par. As a note, it's best to take note of interpunction and capital letters, as well as the general quality of your /me's. Bitter Avalanche is an English community! [Kick] We do not support other languages. Displaying a poor skill in English to the point where it corrupts Roleplay Quality (See: Rule 9 ) may result in removal from the server. If you are making an effort to speak proper English, but require Google Translate for some words, let people know in LOOC, so they know you'll need a little more time than usual. Abusing in-game systems, bugs or glitches to gain an in-game advantage (i.e: Item duplication, or an unintended side effect of a system) is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 4 weeks] Reporting the bug will have the buggy item or system temporarily removed until a fix can be implemented. A bug may be demonstrated in front of a staff member to clarify what the bug exactly is, but may only be done so after approval has been given. ERP (Erotic Roleplay, or also known as Cyber) is the act of describing explicit sexual acts and constitutes a permanent ban without appeal. [Permanent ban] RRP (Relationship Roleplay) is permitted, so long as above point is not broken. Fear RP (The act of fearing those more powerful than you in a hostile setting) should be maintained at all times. [Ban up to 2 days] Good examples are: You'd fear someone pointing a gun at you. You'd be less afraid if there were more of you on less people, depending on the gear the opposing player wears. In general: If something is better than what you have, or someone is more powerful than you and you are confronted with them, you should Fear RP appropriately. Exceptions are: This rule can only be granted an exception by an admin+. Abusing of map-related bugs or glitches to gain access to otherwise inaccessible locations (i.e: out of map) or locations you do not have clearance to, will be met with permanent character ban. Staff are not here to pander to your mission to find glitches. [Character ban & Kick] They may be demonstrated for staff so it can be patched by the mapper, but staff must be notifed first. LTARP, the act of Leaving to Avoid Roleplay is strictly prohibited. If you are in a situation, you must finish the situation before you are permitted to leave. This may be excused by a Gamemaster or higher. Use /help if you absolutely need to leave. Disruption of events, either hosted by admins or players, is strictly forbidden. [Kick] An example of disruption is blowing up machinery, running around, distracting people or in any way, shape or form derail the event from its intended purpose for no apparent reason. You may disrupt an event if you have an in-game reason for it, but before doing so, clear it with a staff member first, since the reasoning has to be good and solid. You also need to be aware that if you disrupt events, you run the risk of getting fired, and losing any and all rankups that you have that will not be reimbursed. Events that serve no roleplay use or are simply meant for comical relief must at all times be approved by an Administrator+. [Warning/Demotion/Dismissal of staff member.] Players are prohibited from hosting these events or instigating them naturally unless asked to do so by a member of staff. [Ban up to 3 days.] Intentionally destroying the map, such as breaking windows, or doing so for no good reason is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 1 day.] Maintain a believable character. [Ban up to 1 day/Character ban/Faction blacklist.] A believable character is one that is credible in what he, or she does. Nobody will take your character serious if you have two PTSD episodes in 48 hours short. Keep this in mind. Powergaming is the act of forcing your actions upon another character without granting them the opportunity to respond properly to your action(s). This is strictly prohibited. [Ban up to 3 days.] Bitter Avalanche categorizes roleplay in two categories. Action and Passive Roleplay. Action Roleplay is roleplay that involves action through environmental or personal danger. Action roleplay includes, but isn't limited to: fights, gun fights, physical altercations etc. Roleplay under this category is strictly in turns, and may not be overridden by staff. Passive Roleplay may be performed at will in any consecutive order. However, if a player wishes to join your Passive roleplay, you should of course allow them the opportunity to do so. SCP Specific Rules: SCP's may not be randomly released by regular characters. Specific exemptions can be made for GoI's, or on a per-character basis. Player SCP's may not act on random acts of release to cause havoc in the map. If you suspect something might not be entirely up to spec, contact administration for clarification. SCP-914's upgrade/downgrade mechanic is handled through moderation, not mechanics. A Moderator + Gamemaster will decide on off-test use. Any use of SCP-914 must contain a valid IC reason. A valid IC reason is an approved test, or extreme circumstances. An invalid reason would be to simply want more access. All player SCP's are expected to roleplay still, through the use of /me. It is the player's responsibility to know what their character can/should do. SCP-939 instances may speak, but it must only be complete sentences that a character has spoken before, that the player was in hearing range of (regular talk or yell range). Sentences heard may be copied by the player into the /mynotes section. Good practice for SCP-939 instances are /me ? [Name]: [Sentence]. The question mark will omit your name from the /me. SCP-106, upon hearing the femur breaker, will be teleported back inside his cell by admin commands, and shouldn't attempt another escape right away. If SCP-106 is no longer in the site by the time the femur breaker is activated, he is considered to have escaped, and this will not effect him.
  6. Late, but better than never. Application frozen. @Nightmare Night will look this over once we have actual need of new staff. In dev cycle, there's little to do for admins.
  7. UPDATED 12-JUL-2020 Added rule 14, and 14.1 as clarification.
  8. UPDATED 10-JUN-2020 Added rule 13.
  9. While it's easy to come to this conclusion, how do you make the distinction between players not knowing how to reply to you, or are ignoring you?
  10. To everyone who wishes to play this finale of our six-year running Black Mesa RP. Premise: BM: Final Hours plays in a select amount of post-disaster maps. So far we have confirmed these maps will play part: Sector C, Sector D, Sector E, Hydro Dam and Sector F. You start in Sector C, as one of the staff members of C, an initial survivor of the devastating incident. You have one goal, and one goal only: Escape by any means necessary. Dangers: The Black Mesa facility has turned from a comfortable place to live and work into a dangerous place to traverse. Years of skimmed maintenance and engineering has made the existing infrastructure fragile to tremors. Some of the dangers you may encounter: Hostiles - This can be in the form of Xenians and Marines. Deadly all around. Environmental - Environmental hazards can be anything and everything of your surroundings, either mechanically mapped in or performed through roleplay. Envronmental hazards have a 99% chance of death. Environmental hazards can look innocuous, or even be plain invisible until certain criteria are met. Caution advised. Story and the Finale: Your finale is Sector F, provided you live to reach it. Should you be able to escape through Sector F, your character's story ends there, but you are free to write up your own ending. Where and how do they end up? Combine invasion is not canon in this story, for the preservation of the roleplay. Characters who die will not be included in the ending story bar a mention here and there. Those characters may no longer be used in any continuation of this story, even if we ever return and restore the Black Mesa Facility. Miscellaneous: Players whose survivor has died will get the Xenian and Marine whitelist, to serve as present characters during events or even locally ambient. A rarer situation is that if you were hit by a headcrab (which is an instant kill, more on that later), you may be turned into a zombie (50% chance) to return later. Miscellaneous information: - Health regeneration is turned off. Your only lifeline is the medical kits that spawn during the story. - There are no magical solutions. You do not have infinite items, and there's no easy way to stock up. Scavenge what you can, use what you reasonably must. Conservation and consolidation of resources is key. - Headcrabs will be a rarer enemy to come across, though they are lethal in one hit (at 75% base rate). Headcrabs are universally played by staff/deceased players. Headcrabs will have a base 50% chance of turning you into a zombie. This chance increases the worse off you are in general health. - Marine NPC's will drop ammo based on the weapon they are carrying, at one clip per time. Medic NPC's will have a base rate of 50% to drop a first aid kit alongside a single magazine for the gun they carry. - Several characters are important to your odds of survival. Should these characters die, potential hidden rooms will be blocked from ever to be found, having you miss out on those crucial supplies. - Scanners will have no functional use anymore, which renders clearance moot on a mechanical level. However, certain scanners to open doors or shortcuts can become useful if the appropriate person is around. More information to follow. Within our Discord, you can do !bmfh in bot-commands in order to read up on more accurate information (it changes often), and also sign up for this roleplay.
  11. Updated 3rd of Feb, 2020. - Terminology added for Staff / Non-Staff so that clarification is present.
  12. Updated 1st of Feb, 2020. - Noykat, Brushie and Aptare added to Gamemasters list. - Added additional clarification to who is and isn't considered "staff".
  13. Hey folks! I figured this is an easier way for me to communicate what's happening behind the scenes, rather than make micro-announcements based on almost nothing. This post is intended to be informative to all of our players. These dev logs may be done periodically, but don't pin me on that, because I'm not always available to write these lengthy posts. Dev logs are charted in three distinct categories: Development, Creative and Administration. Development (Aberidius, Lion & Kiobu): Development is always a tricky thing to get/keep going, but lucky us, we've been blessed by having two of Cloud Sixteen's coders, which is a milestone and a half considering how few are left of them. While I've been struggling with Vexus (Kiobu) to get certain models to work, which as of yet refuse to cooperate, Aberidius has been working on the Terminal (!) plugin. While us struggling to bigbrain the models, let me get into the interesting part, the terminals. Terminals serve as a central and localized information center. This is one of few tasks where Creative gets mashed together with Development, in the sense that we're currently categorizing what does and doesn't go on the terminals. Most information you have to find IC will always be included. But how does this get organized? And what prevents people from messing with it? The terminal system is currently being designed by me, artwork by Avanate and coded by Aberidius. The design is meant to be as immersive as possible while securing both IC and OOC loopholes or potential exploits. The terminal will include a complete administrative "center", which centralizes user creation, permissions and so forth. On the front-end, a regular researcher can read documents based on their clearance levels, and write and edit their own additions to the SCP. As for organization, the entire terminal system is partitioned. The terminal in SCP-X's chamber will not contain the same information as the one in SCP-Y's chamber. These two would be localized information. Meanwhile, Terminal-Z is located somewhere central, and can be accessed by anyone. This is centralized information. Centralized will never contain SCP Data, while localized will. The best part of this is that all terminals can be set up in-character with zero administrative intervention. From the physical construction to the terminal, to the configuration, everything is done IC'ly. For now, this is all I'm able to tell you on the terminals. I hope to release more information when I can. Creative (Brigade): No server can survive without solid lore and a plan. Luckily, this is where the Creative Team (turned Gamemaster team) comes in. They've been working diligently on creating just that, and helping me figure out some of the theory behind the plan. First of all, the story arc contains 4 phases and an "end" phase, making the added 5th one. But as the ending of the story is relatively condensed in comparison to the other 4, it wasn't included as an added phase. This arc will last us to about a year, and no plans are currently in motion to continue the story arc after this. HOWEVER, we'll continue to evaluate the popularity nearing the end of Phase 3, which will be the best indicator to measure popularity. Should popularity and player-retention remain high past Phase 3 and well into Phase 4, we will evaluate within the team for continuation. Meanwhile, the arc provides plenty of opportunity for interesting encounters with GoI's, custom SCP's and planned, weekly events. Custom SCP's are written by you, our player(s). Gamemasters are largely in control of managing these submissions. It's important to keep in mind that custom SCP's have a limited lifetime within the server, spanning between 2 weeks minimum and 4 weeks maximum. The map currently allows for 8 custom SCP's in the Keter and Euclid categories (4/4), and some pocketchange Safe category SCP's. Succesfully completing a custom SCP's research line will net the site with some bonuses that are yet to be defined, so stay tuned for that. In a future devlog, we'll be posting an excerpt from one of the in-game documents as a teaser, but for now that's all I can offer for this. Administration (NightmareNight & Lion): Administration is the catch-all term for all staff positions within Bitter Avalanche. Recently we carried out a few changes, allowing the staff team to be much more streamlined in its operations, and requires me less when shit hits the fan. Recently, you've seen the introduction of Staff Managers for the three teams we have currently. These staff managers are by default Super Administrator on the forum, and all three act as my right hand for various tasks. While currently they're still kept under my overwatch for the duration of the development, each head of staff will get free control in how to run their teams most effectively, including but not limited to suggestions related to their teams. In the end, I will be reduced to one of the system administrators, in charge directly of updating code with new release versions, and the direct superior of the staff managers, so if a complaint has to be filed against a staff manager, it defaults to me to handle it. Furthermore, I am stating publicly that I am culling my own authority within the Community, and turning the management team to a democracy. If any staff member goes over the top, it's discussed within the MT on how to proceed. This means I will no longer dismiss people randomly. Inactivity-based dismissals will default to the Staff manager of the relevant team it's ocurring in. To keep this short, in general the authority of staff managers increases, while my authority is indirectly lowered. For now, that's all. I hope to do more of these, like I said in the beginning, but please don't :thinknoose: me if I end up being unable to!
  14. this some stinky dude

    1. Aberidius


      shut up before i fire ur ass

    2. The Lion
  15. Re-added functioning steam profile integration. It's possible you may end up having to re-enter your steam profile. For more information: visit your profile and click the Steam Profile tab. 6 new backgrounds, of which one is animated. Re-work of member ranks which are based on post-count. Replaced rank icons as the old ones were trash (actual rank icons, not the member ranks). Moved all BMRP-related forums to an invisible archive that can only be viewed from the ACP. Made a framework for the new SCP-related forums. Added new Steam Group banner on the front homepage. Navbar button removed. Removed "Quick Links" from Navbar. Cluttered too much. "Donate" navbar button renamed to "Patreon".
  16. Updated 20th of Jan, 2020. - SharpOB removed from development team due to extended inactivity. Welcome to return at any time. - Aberidius promoted from Senior Developer to Head Developer.
  17. Application accepted by @Brigade
  18. Your SCP's are all from SCP 1-1000. Why do you levitate towards these?
  19. Good evening everyone, As you have heard by my very uncoordinated announcement, I have been working with Aberidius, Vex (Kiobu) and Avanate on making a new schema from relative scratch, most things that we have are custom to our server. So let's go a little bit more in-depth on what this schema will bring to you, the players. Premise: The premise of the roleplay is that you are a new employee or adversary (depending on your whitelists 😉) of Site-65, an overflow site established after Site-19's destruction. Site-65 will house the most dangerous of SCP's, think 939, 106 and 035. We are going for a mix between playable and static event SCP's, which are whitelisted of course. These are one-man factions, as well. So if you're not active for 2 weeks, you're booted out and that slot is freed up. Features: SCP Foundation is BA's most intricate schema to date, beating BMRP by several times. Previously dormant factions or factions that felt like they had little to do (i.e. Security and Maintenance) will now have engaging tasks to do to ensure Site-65 keeps running smoothly. One single mistake could be the very definition of death. Are we making it that difficult? No, not at all. But if you don't watch out, 049 might be popping in for a spot of tea. Player driven narrative Brigade and Aptare have been hard at work brainstorming lore ideas that adheres to the general universe, but separates us from the pack. This storyline includes event of canonical importance which have a branching narrative. There's no right or wrong anymore, no correct or incorrect and lastly, no more certainty or uncertainty. The player's actions (barring those with intent to fuck up an event) shape the server's IC future. Lastly, there may be event chains, and if any chain is failed at any time along the way, that event chain is closed and will not reopen. No pressure, huh? That's all for now. We'll be updating you semi-regularly, or whenever we have something to show. If you haven't yet, type !clues in the bot commands channel to gain early sights into our development process. Happy first week of January, everyone!
  20. Updated 5th of Jan, 2020. - Brigade promoted from Game Master to Staff Manager - Lore. - Reformatted most things.
  21. Updated 21-12-2019 Vex (Kiobu) listed as consultant and schema developer. Aberidius listed as consultant. Nightmare Night promoted from Senior Admin to Head of Staff. Interim by his request. Laggies SN removed from Operator. Brigade added as Operator.
  22. @Member Greetings everyone. I consider this announcement to be important so I ping everyone. With a potential heart attack and data loss averted by our great @Nightmare Night, the server and all of the files were restored to working order. The issue was an infinite update loop of Windows. Now with that out of the way, I'd like to address the following. It's been a while since our BMRP was active, and I'd like to change that come January. I will try everything possible to restore the server somewhere mid-late January, which will take place with another announcement. Now, some of our members left, and we can't confirm with absolute certainty who did or didn't. This means we'll be wrapping up each individual project that was still running. It will be calculated by how many notepads are in-game prior to relaunch and be finalized. We are doing this to prevent project leaders to end up having to get a whole new team of Scientists, which just doesn't work right. Project Leaders may DM me and request their project remain on active status to be finished in RP, which we won't be difficult on. The lore will be picked up with Project Beta having been concluded, which means a new AMS test to continue the lore line we have set up right now. The map will see an overhaul. The office space we added has not seen the required usage we had hoped for, and as such will be scrapped and replaced with one larger office for multiple desks, right next to the HoP's office. The extra space may end up going to expansion of either the AMS with an extra lab and HEV locker room, or an expansion onto the AMS systems in the coolant labs. Other suggestions can be placed in #suggestions. The amount of space freed up will be to the equivalent of a hallway, and a couple smaller rooms. Lastly, the administration faction will be removed entirely from code and any characters in that faction removed from the database. We'll also be evaluating the current code of Clockwork and which updates to port. With this all in mind, we hope to welcome all of you back to BMRP come January. Definitive date and event details to follow.
  23. Be me, modding GTA V.
    "Oh, this is going well."
    GTAV.exe has stopped working.
    "I need more mods."

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