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  1. There can be plenty of scenarios where you can include something like that. Taking on consideration that Black Mesa was really vulnerable at sabotages for quite a while and has plenty of rivals, would make a good choice if Black Mesa would partnership with someone of trust that could perhaps make a team, help each other in personal interest and what not.
  2. The first 2 Artworks did happened, in the last event where Gman was implied for the most of the part in gazing scientists and bio-breach across the sectors. While the last one represents a important man alongside of his, either PSC (Private Security Company) or PMC (Private Military Company) which it didn't happened by the way, but would be cool I guess.
  3. Beyond the Reach. "The expected consequences of reaching beyond us, The machines. Before us, you are nothing. The end is inevitable. The disappearance not to be avoided. We exist."
  4. This one was made days ago before joining there.
  5. "Why do we wear those ridiculous ties?"

    1. Z3_BA
    2. The_GuardianTM


      They are ridiculous and kill people.

  6. Security Report Date: 13/09/75 Security Officer Reporting: Officer Amber Campbell Location: Sector C, AirLock Checkpoint People Involved: Ted Olson Log: 19:34 - Ted Olson reports to Airlock checkpoint about some problems at the tram, later on he discovers certain things hidden in the seats and a unscrew panel on the floor, endangering people during rides. T. Olson proceeded in fixing the stated issues on the tram. We have no evidence of who could have done such thing. Comments: Be on look out for suspicious activity. Signature: Amber Campbell
  7. Officer Brooks attempting to eat a pizza in canteen - 1975 Colored #GoneWrong #ParamedicsCalled #23:30PM
  8. You know it I had some trouble in remembering the skins from the guards I met.
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