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  1. To: Elise Carter (@The Lion) From: Matthew Jefferson Subject: Incident on 10/5/75 Dr. Carter, I am now recovering in hospital and will be returning to work just tomorrow, actually. The doctors in the on-site hospital are quite speedy. I figure I should give you a complete report on what happened, since I saw.. a lot. The day started out regular, biology and physics had separated into Lab A and Lab B to discuss ideas for Project B. Us people in Lab A were brainstorming ideas for the design of the probe, when we heard an announcement saying that there was an electrical fluctuation in Lab B. Not thinking much of it, we continued working until a request came in from Dr. Anna Markson, asking, begging for someone to help, as Dr. McAllen was "burning". We attempted to rush over to Lab B to help, but were halted by an Officer III, who informed us the area was locked off. DCT came to assist the issue, and then Dr. Markson and an officer walked out of the area, bewildered. Not soon after, a gurney with the remains of Dr. McAllen was wheeled away to the tram, blood dripping from underneath the black tarp he was covered with.. Soon after, I began asking people what had happened, and was eventually able to piece together that the lab had began radioactive decontamination of the room, with him still in it. He burned and melted under the stresses of the radiation, spilling out blood and liquefied brain matter. This, however, was not the end, though I wish that it was. I went into the laboratory to retrieve a test tube, so I could determine what the pink liquid that spilled out of him was, (at this point in time I didn't know it was brain matter) when... he showed up. The man in the blue suit, the man that I watched as my friends fell to sleep in the Anomalous Materials Laboratory write the word 'Xen' on a notepad. He was walking past Lab A, which I was in, into the adjacent hallway. I went after him, but as soon as I blinked.. he had disappeared. At this point, I became extremely panicked, worried and scared. I ran to Lab B, suspicious that he had something to do with it. When I got there.. he was in the lab, which had been closed off at the time under DCT authority, and then, once again.. As soon as I closed my eyes, he was gone. At this point, I was convinced that he was following me, paranoid about what he might do. I tried my best to stay away from any and all isolated spaces, running to the administrative block to talk to Anna Markson and tell her what had been occuring. On my way there, I saw him.. that damned man in the blue suit, behind the canteen desk, staring.. mocking me with his piercing gaze. I managed to talk to Markson in her office, telling her about what had happened, but apparently she no longer remembered the horrible ordeal she endured, watching the death of Dr. McAllen. At this point, the man showed up again, outside the office, causing us to run out to face him, but then he had disappeared again. We turned around, only to find him in her office! Then when we tried to investigate, he had once more vanished, like an apparition. At this point, another scientist, an undergraduate, Dr. Merritt, came over into the office block to see what was going on. It was at this point that we ran. We ran, trying to get out of the administrative block, to find that the doors were locked.. and then we looked up, by God, we looked up. There he was again, but this time with a horrifying grin on his face. Once maintenance opened the door, we began explaining ourselves, but then he appeared once more behind us, right in front of the stairs, with some strange.. strange creature. A dark green creature, with one large red eye, and protruding knots at the joints of its limbs. Once again he disappeared, and we escaped out of the administrative block, but the torment would never be over, because there he appeared again, right at the precipice of the stairs leading down to Lab B, with some.. horrifying, doglike in structure creature. Dark green, like the other one, but at its front just one big large cacophony of what looked like packed eyes, staring at us, striking us to our cores. Of course, he disappeared once more, and at that point I grabbed a spectrometer and headed into the lobby, in order to analyze the test tube. To my surprise, the pink liquid was just brain matter, simple as that. Then.. then, the lights shut off. The tram went offline, and the administrative block locked once more. We migrated to the lobby, where the lights came back on, and all was well. That was when they turned back off. We ran out onto the tram platform, which was our secondary meeting point, when suddenly, tremors of an earthquake began rocking the facility, prompting us to move back inside to the lobby. At that point, I left the group and held on to the rails in the adjacent hallway. I began moving across the rails, attempting to look and see if I could spot the man in the blue suit once more. In this compromised state, the last tremor, and undoubtedly the strongest one, hit. This caused me to fall down, and just as I was getting up, I was knocked unconscious by a falling piece of concrete debris. After some first aid, I was eventually relocated to the tram, where me and several other scientists were able to finally leave the sector, the tram's functionality restored. I wouldn't blame you if you called me crazy, and that this whole event was the result of some mass hallucination. But know... know that it was not. All the windows in the facility were broken, massive amounts of the structure damaged, and all of us left with a quiet fear that this was a warning telling us to stay away from Xen. Matthew Jefferson Senior Associate Black Mesa Research Facility MESSAGE END
  2. To : Elise Carter(@The Lion) , Elizabeth Hall(@Zorxas) From: Adam Zachary Wonderful news has come from the surface. Our testing team for the laser has confirmed success of the prototype. Barring some minor cooling issues, the laser was a complete success in stimulating storm clouds to release lightning, showing success not only in the method of cloud stimulation, but also in the new titanium-sapphire design, and the new optical parametric chirped pulse amplifier. I am now confident in saying that Project LIPC is concluded. Sincerely, Adam Zachary, Senior Associate
  3. Requested item(s): One (1) four (4) carat sapphire doped with titanium ions, one (1) argon-ion laser, one (1) laser resonator, one (1) standard laser housing, and two (2) step-up transformers. Cost: 3,000 USD. Requester's name: Adam Zachary Requester's position: Senior Associate Relevant project(s): Project LIPC.
  4. Updated September 23rd, 2019.
  5. Please provide your full name Matthew Jefferson Please specify your current position within Black Mesa Senior Associate Which project is this patent request for? Project LIPC Please provide the technical aspects of your project The subject of this patent in respects to Project LIPC is the new type of laser known as a titanium-sapphire laser. This laser is a type of laser with uses a crystal sapphire doped with titanium ions, used as a lasing medium. This laser has the capability for easy tunability and for the generation of ultrashort laser pulses. This means that it can pack a lot of energy into one small pulse, creating a potential for ultra-high-intensity laser pulses using the design. Please provide the technical application of project Titanium-sapphire lasers (ti-sapphire) could be used for applications in generating high power and high intensity lasers, due to its ability to generate ultrashort laser pulses. This technology could be used for atomic clocks, as it has reduced amplified spontaneous emission noise, or could be used for nuclear fusion research because of its ability to generate high peak powers. It could even be used for micromachining, as a laser cutter. Please provide any additional details, should you have them Created this patent request because I forgot to mention the laser patent in the previous patent request.
  6. Please provide your full name Matthew Jefferson Please specify your current position within Black Mesa Senior Associate Which project is this patent request for? Project LIPC Please provide the technical aspects of your project The device which is being made is a titanium-sapphire laser with a new invention which is one of the subjects of this patent, a method now called optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification. This is done by combining the two methods of laser amplification, chirped-pulse amplification and optical parametric amplification, in order to exponentially magnify the abilities of both techniques individually. This laser is to be pointed towards a thunderous cloud, likely a cumulonimbus, and firing the laser towards it. The strength of this laser, which is to be rated around ten terawatts, will ionize the air around the beam, creating what is to be called a "laser-induced plasma channel". This channel will be used to transport energy through, thereby stimulating the cloud to produce lightning. Please provide the technical application of project Two of the new technologies/techniques can have fantastic technical applications. The new OPCP amplifier design will make lasers more powerful as well as cost effective, launching a new frontier into the world of high-powered lasers and their appropriate applications. The stimulation of lightning through the laser-induced plasma channel can be used for several purposes, such as usage with attacking a hostile military installation, (perhaps combining this technology with cloud seeding) directing lightning to a specially designed lightning collection station for power generation, or for safely discharging lightning bolts away from places where they can cause civilian or military damage. Please provide any additional details, should you have them N/A.
  7. Requested item(s): One (1) BBO crystal, and one (1) KDP crystal. Cost: $293.56 Requester's name: Matthew Jefferson Requester's position: Senior Associate Relevant project(s): Project LIPC COO's name: Tessa Wells Approved by COO? (Y/N):
  8. Current Roster: Adam Zachary - Project Lead Elizabeth Hall - Advisor Theodore Stevens, Steven Rogers, George Edwards - Undergraduates
  9. Dr. Hall, I will attempt to respond to your questions as best as I currently am able to. On the front of simulating the conditions within a laboratory, I won't be able to FULLY test it. I can, however, test that it is functional in the ionization of the air into plasma, and am also confident that one the laser design is finalized, it will be portable enough to the point where we can attempt to test it on a cloudy day here in New Mexico. I don't anticipate going over my budget, but if I do find a intriguing path I can take this in order to either make it more functional or an entirely different direction with the technology, I will request a budget extension as well as a project extension to broaden the goals of it. Since we are going to be inventing a new type of optical amplifier, as well as the time that it will take to create the laser, I believe that this project could last two weeks to a month, the end portion of course being to test out the new laser in legitimate conditions, and even investigating if it can be used for weaponry purposes outside of weather events, such as just aiming it at a target and seeing what the results are. I suspect that simply using it as a ranged weapon can be dangerous, considering that it's a laser powerful enough to turn the air around it into plasma. I am sure you have many more questions, and I will be pleased to answer them at your office quite soon. Sincerely, Dr. Matthew Jefferson Junior Physics Associate Sector C - Black Mesa Research Facility New Mexico, United States
  10. Please provide your full name Matthew Jefferson Please provide your current position within Black Mesa Junior Associate What is your project's name? Project LIPC Please outline your project's thesis The Project LIPC thesis is that by using a terawatt laser, the laser beam can ionize the surrounding air to form plasma. This will create what I call a laser-induced plasma channel. Through this laser-induced plasma channel, we can send electricity. If we send electricity into a cloud such as a cumulonimbus, we can charge the cloud and stimulate lightning strikes. Using this technology coupled with cloud seeding, we could create clouds and then use them for military purposes, by directing a cloud towards a hostile target and then charging it with a laser-induced plasma channel, causing the enemy to be obliterated by repeated lightning strikes. Alternatively, it could also be used for energy, to stimulate clouds to generate lightning over a station designed to harvest the energy from the lightning. It could even be used to safely direct lightning in a storm towards another area, protecting military installations and citizens from the damage lightning strikes can incur. The high cost of the project will be used to create the laser and invent a new design for optical amplifiers in order to reduce manufacturing costs and make it a feasible project. The device itself will be relatively large, being the length and width of a large table, and about 3 feet tall. It will weigh a considerable amount, about half a ton. Which department(s) does this relate to? Physics Please provide how much staff you may need Head of Physics - 1 Scientist - 1 Senior Associate - 1 Please provide an estimation of the budget you will require 25,000 Please specify the wanted/necessary security clearance Q - Top Secret
  11. Do you think that Half Life 3, or just a continuation in general on the Half Life series, will ever come to fruition?
  12. Is the company going well?
  13. Speaking of which, do you think S&Box will ever release or will it be like a certain other game series involving the source engine?
  14. im aptare. ive been here for like a BMRP iteration and a HL2RP iteration, as well as that little time where Lion hosted and developed a SS13 server called SCP13, so ive been here for the middle ground between a short period of time and a long period of time. since BIG CAT decided to make his introductions a form of an AMA, i guess ill make mine one too; please ask away, i cant wait to sit agonizing over a reply to a question that makes me question the validity of all of my life choices.
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