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  1. Hey, at least you didn't leave me in the void lol
  2. There are a few things I can do. Either i could tell him "You can respond by using /pm (name) and your message" or something like that Or, I could stay near him in noclip and wait to see if he types or sends a message. And in the case he might not know how to type in gmod in general, I'll see if he is moving around or standing still
  3. Please provide your steamID STEAM_0:1:48196871 Please provide your age 16 How many hours have you been playing in any Clockwork Based Schema? 1200 What do you think a Administrator's position is all about? I find myself to be this very fun, chill and laid-back person. However, I am also very mature and will be strict when the situation requires it. Although being apart of staff teams are just voluntary, I treat staffing as a job. Meaning, I prioritize responsibilities as a staff member more important than playing games for entertainment. I do, however, prioritize my life and health over gaming in general. My experiences from Robotics has enabled me to connect to new people with relative ease and to be more of a leader than a follower. Robotics takes up about six to ten hours of my time during the week. This has helped me manage my time between staffing on other servers, homework, and after-school activities, including Robotics. Robotics requires a lot of coordination with my team and with other teams as-well. Though, the season is over and school has been cancelled for the rest of the school year.. This means that all meetings are done. I have always been interested in staff management in all ways, which includes, Recruitment, Mentoring, Player and staff complaints, and Promotions or demotions. Staff management, in my eyes, allows me to believe I have affected a person in the long term positively. Leadership to me is important. This means that I prefer to burn my own trail and allow others to follow it rather than follow a pre-built path. Even if leadership is important, I still look up to people even though I have more experience than I did 7 years ago. I have become more independent than I was 7 years ago, I understand staffing a lot better. How many hours do you think you can dedicate? 35 A player is insulting players in OOC, what do you do? I will give the player two warnings before giving further punishment. If possible, I will mute OOC messages from him for 15 minutes. If he continues or I am unable to mute his OOC messages, I will kick him. A player is clearly clueless and wandering aimlessly, ignoring people around them and seeming to be in an area they do not belong in, what do you do? I'd message him asking if he is new to RP. If he says yes, I'll explain the basics to him. If he ignores me or isn't willing to learn.. I will kick him saying he can join back when he is ready to learn the basics. A player is threatening the server to you in private PM's, threatening to DOX staff or DDoS the server or a similar threat, what do you do? I will immediately screenshot the DMs and permanently ban his account and give an IP ban if possible. I would then send the screenshots to whoever needed. A player is clearly minging but the players pay it no mind or are amused by it, what do you do? If it is not peak-time, I'll leave it be but if it is during peak time, I'll warn him to stop then kick him if he doesn't. If he continues, I will give him a day ban. You see a member of staff higher in rank than you doing something against the rules, what do you do? Gather evidence of him doing such things (screenshots, videos, logs, etc) then report it to someone higher than him. A player is actively disrupting an event, much to the annoyance of staff, but the disruption provides roleplay opportunity for surrounding players, what do you do? I'll message him, telling him to not do it again. If he continues, I'll ban him for a day so he cannot disrupt the event again. A player outright calls the server, players and its staff shit in OOC. It's not constructive, and quite plainly meant to be an insult, and some players do seem to be insulted, what do you do? I'll kick him and if he comes back again and continues, I'll ban him for a day.. then 3 days... then a week.. I affirm that I have answered all questions to the best of my ability, and are completely truthful Yes Do you understand that if your application is found questionable, you will be subject to a staff applicant interview to ensure you are fit for the position? Yes
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