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  1. Dear The National Science Foundation Managing Board, While regrettable that full funding was not granted, I remain positive that your smaller contribution of $500,000 will yield great results. I am optimistic that the results of this research will convince you of the Black Mesa Research Facility's desire to create innovations of peace, not just war. As a former executive at Monsanto, I am well aware that a company is able to effectively do both. I look forward to meeting with your representative regularly. I'm sure with his oversight we'll be able to channel the money to the exact purposes the National Science Foundation expects. I predict that in the future, maybe not the near future, but in the future nonetheless, that the NSF will feel confident in providing the remainder of the requested funds. I will be speaking to your representative about further possible positive uses for the money beyond what I submitted in the grant request. You won't be disappointed, I guarantee it; --------------------------------------------------------------- Dr. Leonard Longstreet Head of Biology, Sector C Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico
  2. Dear Doctor Carolanna Merrit, I see you have listed my department as one of the departments this project relates me. I'm afraid I'm not seeing where. Could you please explain why you need the biology department in your project to make your "cannon." Thank you~ ----------------------------- Dr. Leonard Longstreet Head of Biology, Sector C. Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico
  3. Dear Doctor Anna Markson, As previously discussed, I plan to approve this project. You explained it in depth to me earlier so I have no questions, just some directions. If I were to budget all the time for your project, I'd focus on the first and last bullet points. The military remains our largest provider of funds for the sector. If military application falls through, then you can focus more on the "helping people" side of the equation. Feel free to ask for any resources of privileges that will increase the likeliness of success in this project. --------------------------------------------------- Doctor Leonard Longstreet Head of Biology, Sector C. Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico.
  4. Leafcathead


    Dear Doctor McAllen, As previously discussed, I plan on approving your proposal; however, I still have some details I would like to discuss preferably in person. I do have a few questions I want cleared up while I give you the rubber stamp: Have you spoken to any interested scientists? If so, what are their names? What's the absolute fewest number of personnel that could be assigned without threatening the success of the project? Propose the project is a complete success, where do you want to go from there? While important questions, I don't want them to prevent you from getting straight to work. Feel free to answer them at your own leisure or when I call you into a personal meeting. I will be keeping close tabs on your project and plan to participate myself if the opportunity arises. Good luck~ -------------------------------------------------------------- Doctor Leonard Longstreet Head of Biology, Sector C Black Mesa Research Facility, New Mexico
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