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Found 2 results

  1. DO NOT BE AN IDIOT! This shouldn't need explanation. Staff have the right to impose penalties to your account on any of our services for a rule not listed here if a member of staff feels that the behavior is counterproductive or harmful to the Community. This is up to staff discretion and is not up for debate. If you are not sure if something violates the rules of the community or the server, please approach a member of staff to ask for clarification. Discrimination of any form based on race, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or more topics along those lines is strictly prohibited. Political and/or questionable debates are permissible, but if a member of staff tells you to stop, you stop. No discussion possible. Using autism - or a similar derogative term - as an insult - or even a joke - is strictly prohibited. Use forums (or channels on Discord) for their intended purpose. Hate speech of any kind is strictly prohibited. Do not post NSFW, shock or porn content, period. Do not ping staff unless absolutely necessary. Do not use the @Staff tag either. Ping individual members of staff, starting from Gamemaster. If they can't answer the question, you simply go up the hierarchy. Do NOT ping the Director or Head of Staff without valid reason. Memes and/or discussions are not valid reasons. We read everything, so you don't need to draw our attention specifically. Harassment of members through PM's, either on the forums, Steam or Discord is strictly prohibited. If proven, this constitutes a permanent ban off all Bitter Avalanche services. Suggesting features is fine, so long as it is done in a constructive and respectful manner. Pushing for suggestions incessantly, being disrespectful or otherwise being needlessly pushy about a suggestion will lower the odds it is ever brought to the table for discussion. Do not post Shock, porn or spam content in general. We ask you use your common sense to figure out what is and isn't acceptable. Posting links towards other communities hosted on Discord that fall within the same game or category / categories as Bitter Avalanche is disallowed. Posting your personal Twitch link where you play games for example, is allowed. In general: Any community or group that roleplays or plays in Garry's Mod or any associated game(s) may not be advertised within Bitter Avalanche.
  2. @Member Greetings everyone. I consider this announcement to be important so I ping everyone. With a potential heart attack and data loss averted by our great @Nightmare Night, the server and all of the files were restored to working order. The issue was an infinite update loop of Windows. Now with that out of the way, I'd like to address the following. It's been a while since our BMRP was active, and I'd like to change that come January. I will try everything possible to restore the server somewhere mid-late January, which will take place with another announcement. Now, some of our members left, and we can't confirm with absolute certainty who did or didn't. This means we'll be wrapping up each individual project that was still running. It will be calculated by how many notepads are in-game prior to relaunch and be finalized. We are doing this to prevent project leaders to end up having to get a whole new team of Scientists, which just doesn't work right. Project Leaders may DM me and request their project remain on active status to be finished in RP, which we won't be difficult on. The lore will be picked up with Project Beta having been concluded, which means a new AMS test to continue the lore line we have set up right now. The map will see an overhaul. The office space we added has not seen the required usage we had hoped for, and as such will be scrapped and replaced with one larger office for multiple desks, right next to the HoP's office. The extra space may end up going to expansion of either the AMS with an extra lab and HEV locker room, or an expansion onto the AMS systems in the coolant labs. Other suggestions can be placed in #suggestions. The amount of space freed up will be to the equivalent of a hallway, and a couple smaller rooms. Lastly, the administration faction will be removed entirely from code and any characters in that faction removed from the database. We'll also be evaluating the current code of Clockwork and which updates to port. With this all in mind, we hope to welcome all of you back to BMRP come January. Definitive date and event details to follow.
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