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The Lion

Dev Log 1 - SCP: Foundation - Why is 049 hugging a dead body?!

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Hey folks!

I figured this is an easier way for me to communicate what's happening behind the scenes, rather than make micro-announcements based on almost nothing. This post is intended to be informative to all of our players. These dev logs may be done periodically, but don't pin me on that, because I'm not always available to write these lengthy posts.

Dev logs are charted in three distinct categories: Development, Creative and Administration.

Development (Aberidius, Lion & Kiobu):

Development is always a tricky thing to get/keep going, but lucky us, we've been blessed by having two of Cloud Sixteen's coders, which is a milestone and a half considering how few are left of them.

While I've been struggling with Vexus (Kiobu) to get certain models to work, which as of yet refuse to cooperate, Aberidius has been working on the Terminal (!) plugin. While us struggling to bigbrain the models, let me get into the interesting part, the terminals.

Terminals serve as a central and localized information center. This is one of few tasks where Creative gets mashed together with Development, in the sense that we're currently categorizing what does and doesn't go on the terminals. Most information you have to find IC will always be included.

But how does this get organized? And what prevents people from messing with it?

The terminal system is currently being designed by me, artwork by Avanate and coded by Aberidius. The design is meant to be as immersive as possible while securing both IC and OOC loopholes or potential exploits. The terminal will include a complete administrative "center", which centralizes user creation, permissions and so forth. On the front-end, a regular researcher can read documents based on their clearance levels, and write and edit their own additions to the SCP.

As for organization, the entire terminal system is partitioned. The terminal in SCP-X's chamber will not contain the same information as the one in SCP-Y's chamber. These two would be localized information. Meanwhile, Terminal-Z is located somewhere central, and can be accessed by anyone. This is centralized information. Centralized will never contain SCP Data, while localized will.

The best part of this is that all terminals can be set up in-character with zero administrative intervention. From the physical construction to the terminal, to the configuration, everything is done IC'ly.

For now, this is all I'm able to tell you on the terminals. I hope to release more information when I can.

Creative (Brigade):

No server can survive without solid lore and a plan. Luckily, this is where the Creative Team (turned Gamemaster team) comes in. They've been working diligently on creating just that, and helping me figure out some of the theory behind the plan.

First of all, the story arc contains 4 phases and an "end" phase, making the added 5th one. But as the ending of the story is relatively condensed in comparison to the other 4, it wasn't included as an added phase. This arc will last us to about a year, and no plans are currently in motion to continue the story arc after this. HOWEVER, we'll continue to evaluate the popularity nearing the end of Phase 3, which will be the best indicator to measure popularity. Should popularity and player-retention remain high past Phase 3 and well into Phase 4, we will evaluate within the team for continuation.

Meanwhile, the arc provides plenty of opportunity for interesting encounters with GoI's, custom SCP's and planned, weekly events. Custom SCP's are written by you, our player(s). Gamemasters are largely in control of managing these submissions. It's important to keep in mind that custom SCP's have a limited lifetime within the server, spanning between 2 weeks minimum and 4 weeks maximum. The map currently allows for 8 custom SCP's in the Keter and Euclid categories (4/4), and some pocketchange Safe category SCP's. Succesfully completing a custom SCP's research line will net the site with some bonuses that are yet to be defined, so stay tuned for that.

In a future devlog, we'll be posting an excerpt from one of the in-game documents as a teaser, but for now that's all I can offer for this.

Administration (NightmareNight & Lion):

Administration is the catch-all term for all staff positions within Bitter Avalanche.

Recently we carried out a few changes, allowing the staff team to be much more streamlined in its operations, and requires me less when shit hits the fan.

Recently, you've seen the introduction of Staff Managers for the three teams we have currently. These staff managers are by default Super Administrator on the forum, and all three act as my right hand for various tasks. While currently they're still kept under my overwatch for the duration of the development, each head of staff will get free control in how to run their teams most effectively, including but not limited to suggestions related to their teams.

In the end, I will be reduced to one of the system administrators, in charge directly of updating code with new release versions, and the direct superior of the staff managers, so if a complaint has to be filed against a staff manager, it defaults to me to handle it.

Furthermore, I am stating publicly that I am culling my own authority within the Community, and turning the management team to a democracy. If any staff member goes over the top, it's discussed within the MT on how to proceed. This means I will no longer dismiss people randomly. Inactivity-based dismissals will default to the Staff manager of the relevant team it's ocurring in.

To keep this short, in general the authority of staff managers increases, while my authority is indirectly lowered.


For now, that's all. I hope to do more of these, like I said in the beginning, but please don't :thinknoose: me if I end up being unable to!

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