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INFORMATION: Black Mesa: Final Hours

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To everyone who wishes to play this finale of our six-year running Black Mesa RP.



BM: Final Hours plays in a select amount of post-disaster maps. So far we have confirmed these maps will play part: Sector C, Sector D, Sector E, Hydro Dam and Sector F.

You start in Sector C, as one of the staff members of C, an initial survivor of the devastating incident. You have one goal, and one goal only: Escape by any means necessary.



The Black Mesa facility has turned from a comfortable place to live and work into a dangerous place to traverse. Years of skimmed maintenance and engineering has made the existing infrastructure fragile to tremors. Some of the dangers you may encounter:

Hostiles - This can be in the form of Xenians and Marines. Deadly all around.
Environmental - Environmental hazards can be anything and everything of your surroundings, either mechanically mapped in or performed through roleplay. Envronmental hazards have a 99% chance of death. Environmental hazards can look innocuous, or even be plain invisible until certain criteria are met. Caution advised.

Story and the Finale:

Your finale is Sector F, provided you live to reach it. Should you be able to escape through Sector F, your character's story ends there, but you are free to write up your own ending. Where and how do they end up? Combine invasion is not canon in this story, for the preservation of the roleplay.

Characters who die will not be included in the ending story bar a mention here and there. Those characters may no longer be used in any continuation of this story, even if we ever return and restore the Black Mesa Facility.


Players whose survivor has died will get the Xenian and Marine whitelist, to serve as present characters during events or even locally ambient.

A rarer situation is that if you were hit by a headcrab (which is an instant kill, more on that later), you may be turned into a zombie (50% chance) to return later.

Miscellaneous information:

- Health regeneration is turned off. Your only lifeline is the medical kits that spawn during the story.
- There are no magical solutions. You do not have infinite items, and there's no easy way to stock up. Scavenge what you can, use what you reasonably must. Conservation and consolidation of resources is key.
- Headcrabs will be a rarer enemy to come across, though they are lethal in one hit (at 75% base rate). Headcrabs are universally played by staff/deceased players. Headcrabs will have a base 50% chance of turning you into a zombie. This chance increases the worse off you are in general health.
- Marine NPC's will drop ammo based on the weapon they are carrying, at one clip per time. Medic NPC's will have a base rate of 50% to drop a first aid kit alongside a single magazine for the gun they carry.
- Several characters are important to your odds of survival. Should these characters die, potential hidden rooms will  be blocked from ever to be found, having you miss out on those crucial supplies.
- Scanners will have no functional use anymore, which renders clearance moot on a mechanical level. However, certain scanners to open doors or shortcuts can become useful if the appropriate person is around.


More information to follow. Within our Discord, you can do !bmfh in bot-commands in order to read up on more accurate information (it changes often), and also sign up for this roleplay.

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