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The Lion

SCP Foundation Dev-Log #2: Progress!

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Greetings everyone,

It's been a long, long time since our last Dev Log for SCP Foundation.


As many of you may know, development isn't always the smoothest road, and limitations of GMod's archaic systems more often than not cause us to re-evaluate and compromise on some much-needed features. Unfortunately, one of these features is the Terminal system, which had to be simplified by a lot, due to Chromium's outdated nature. Chromium is also no longer updated, which leaves it at a vulnerable and unstable point for development based on that.

Though we're still really happy with how this all turned out, despite having to compromise on the final version of it. Though let's move on.

Current development perspective

As we currently stand, and post-PTB1.0, we find that many of our features may have unintended side effects and bugs. We thank all of our PTB Testers for granting us the crucial insight to deliver a stable, finished product, rather than one riddled with bugs we have to fix after the fact. As we all know, we don't get a second chance at first impressions.

The development team is currently working on the medical system still, crafting and various new features, such as vending machines that are modeled after real life. And yes, things inside will cost money! Besides that, we're also looking into various map-related bugs, though we have that figured out by now, we do believe.

Plans for the future

We are currently working on finishing up the core base of this schema, before moving onto the SCP's that will be held inside Site 65. Each SCP will be coded in for as far as it will allow us. The SCP's will have their intended effects applied. Animate SCP's will be faction related, which means someone can play them for the duration of their stay in Site 65. Other SCP's, inanimate SCP's at that, will be coded items that will have various effects.

Currently, we have a list of SCP's we want to place into the game, though that list is, for the time being, kept under wraps. Rest assured however that the Gamemasters are working hard behind the scenes to finalize this list as soon as they can.

I've also received some questions on how Class-D's will work, which I can summarize below:

Class-D's, the infamous prisoners that are used for testing by the SCP Foundation, remain a point of contention within the staff team. However, as things currently stand, the following is to be considered as finalized:

* Class-D's are not held to permadeath. It's a bit of a drag to continuously make characters when the character itself is quite literally set up for death.
* We will encourage minimal development placed into disposable characters to avoid people growing too attached to their characters.
* The Class-D's will have a hardcap. At current, there can only be three online at any given time.
* Class D will remain a whitelisted faction that cannot be applied for. Instead, we will inform players of what they are, and how they should be played in a general direction, leaving player agency at the height of it. This faction currently will be handed out upon request. Except we MUST STRESS that Class D is very boring to play when nothing is going on. If a test is desired and approved, staff will play Class-D's if there is a lack of any. There may also be a role in Discord for Class-D players, so that players may ping them if one is needed.

In closing

We're hard at work to bring you one of the most in-depth schema's currently known to existence. We will make a healthy mix of gameplay mechanic- and roleplay reliance.

We hope to see you for PTB1.1, which you can sign up for in the roles channel in our Discord.

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