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The Lion

Clockwork: Keybinds and Information

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Clockwork is a framework that support our Foundation gamemode. It is a framework with serious RP in mind, and actively enforces it through several barriers that normally wouldn't be present in looser gamemodes (i.e. DarkRP, etc).


Several factions may require a whitelist to be able to make a character for them. Whitelists are commonly applied for. Longstanding members may be handpicked to be given this whitelist at times.

There is no use asking for whitelists. It serves to do nothing but piss off the staff.

Keys and Shortcuts

WASD - Moving around.

Shift (Hold) - Run/jog. Depletes your stamina bar. If it is empty, you will not be able to run.

R (Hold) - Raise weapon if you have one. Fists count as a "weapon" in this case.

B - Quick-raise gun.

Chat commands

// | /ooc - Out of Character chat. Global over the server.

.// | /looc - Local Out of Character. Same range as regular chat range.

/yell | /y - Yelling.

/whisper | /w - Whispering.

/radio | /r - Radioing on the channel you are currently on. (If you have one.)

These are the most commonly used commands. If you require additional help, our gamemasters are happy to help you out.

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