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The Lion

Staff Roster & Code of Conduct

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The Lion

Staff Manager

Nightmare Night - Administration
Brigade - Gamemasters
Aberidius - Development

Senior Administrator (Staff)

Administrator (Staff)

Gamemasters (Non-Staff)


Senior Developer (Staff)
Avanate (Mapping, Modeling, Texturing, Art, Sound)

Developer (Staff)
Vex/Kio(bu) (Consultancy and schema development)

Staff / Non-Staff: Non-Staff are those considered not directly engaged into rule enforcement or player observation. Non-Staff currently are gamemasters, whose primary goal is to host and run events and enrich the player's individual or group-based experience.


Staff Guidelines




Do not abuse your power
- This should go without saying, but abusing your power as staff can - and will - result in swift punishment.

Remain Professional, no matter what happens
- Constantly stay cool. Regardless of what a player says to you do not act unprofessional and get angry with them. 
- This also applies to the forums. Retain some level of professionalism when posting in player reports or ban appeals. 
- Do not release information from the staff chat to the public. EVER.

Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server 
- If a player breaks a rule, but increases the enjoyment of the server in general, (through roleplay or other such things) it can be overlooked. If no one admin helps (ahelp) a complaint, or seems to be complaining or taking issue with it, it may be best to let it go.
- We're a server focused on the enjoyment of the players. As long as the players are having a blast and not every single rule is being broken, it's okay to let some things slide here and there.
- Do not try to heavily influence the game unless it is for very good reasoning such as for an event or dishing out punishment for rule breaking.

Enforcement of the rules
- Whenever a player receives a punishment they should know why and what they are being punished for.
- Ensure that all incidents are adequately investigated before giving a ruling. 
- We are not a government repressing their citizens. Don't hassle players for literally everything.

Listen to higher ranking staff members
- Every staff member should comply with what the higher ranking staff member decides on. They have been promoted to a higher rank for a reason. If you have a problem with the staff member, do not argue with them mid-ban. Bring it up in the staff discussion areas provided outside the server (such as the staff channel), or mention it to the head of staff. 




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Updated 21-12-2019

Vex (Kiobu) listed as consultant and schema developer.

Aberidius listed as consultant.

Nightmare Night promoted from Senior Admin to Head of Staff. Interim by his request.

Laggies SN removed from Operator.

Brigade added as Operator.

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Updated 5th of Jan, 2020.

- Brigade promoted from Game Master to Staff Manager - Lore.
- Reformatted most things.

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Updated 20th of Jan, 2020.

- SharpOB removed from development team due to extended inactivity. Welcome to return at any time.
- Aberidius promoted from Senior Developer to Head Developer.

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Updated 1st of Feb, 2020.

- Noykat, Brushie and Aptare added to Gamemasters list.
- Added additional clarification to who is and isn't considered "staff".

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Updated 3rd of Feb, 2020.

- Terminology added for Staff / Non-Staff so that clarification is present.

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